Seniors for Seniors Program

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The Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society provides a second chance to nearly 2,000 homeless animals--most of them cats and kittens-- each year. Shelter staffers hope our Seniors for Seniors adoption program will bring even more cats and people together.

The Seniors for Seniors adoption program was created to match mature cats with mature adopters. Any adopter 60 years or older may adopt any cat 5 years or older at no charge.

Cats over the age of 5 make great additions to almost any household. Mature cats are past the "crazy kitten running straight up the wall and up all night" phase of life, and ready to welcome your lap and affection. So no matter what your age, take a look at our mature cats--you'll find some of the best companions in this age group.

Before the Seniors for Seniors program, cats five years or older often languished in the shelter, watching their younger kennel mates being adopted. With this new adoption program, more mature cats will have a better shot at their second chance.

By waiving the adoption fee we hope to make it possible for people on a limited income to have a companion animal in their life. And by matching mature people with mature cats, we think we are also likely to make some great matches.

The DPVHS adoption fee includes sterilization surgery, rabies and distemper vaccinations, appropriate blood tests, comprehensive parasite control, and identification tags for your new pet.

Seniors who form a 'May-December romance' with a cat younger than 5 years of age are still welcome to adopt for the basic fee. Our goal is to bring people and animals together!

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