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Veterinary technician position available (posted 3/1/08)

Have you always wanted to use your veterinary technician skills to help make the world a better place? Tired of office visits and routine well-pet care, and in the mood for a change of pace? The Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society has a position available for a veterinary technician (experience required, but certification is not) at our Rescue & Rehabilitation facility in Greenfield. This is an excellent opportunity to participate on the team of a progressive and growing limited admission Humane Society. Our new team member must enjoy working as part of a diverse team, creative problem solving, continually seek out new and better ways of doing things, and thrive in a chaotic environment. You will never be bored, and you will help save the lives of over 1,500 animals a year! This is a full time position with excellent benefits. To apply, email your letter of interest and resume to search@dpvhs.org.

Recalled Pet Food Update  (posted 4/23/07)

The pet food recall that began 3/16 continues to expand, and new brands and types continue to be listed. We strongly recommend that you check
the AVMA website's comprehensive list of recalled products. There have now been treats, dry food, and other types of canned food recalled.
Seniors With Pets Group 
Click here for more information. (PDF file - 64 KB)
Feline Foto Contest 2006 Winner 

Photo Contest Winner

   Ellie, companion to Ron and Joy Holhut of Conway

Drivers Wanted 
We need your help, so we can take advantage of an exciting new resource for the animals in our care. There is a new spay/neuter clinic available to animal shelters but it's located in East Brookfield (about 1 hour from our shelter via Route 9). We have trouble finding enough spay/neuter appointments for our animals with local veterinarians (we've got lots of pets here!). Being able to use this spay/neuter clinic would really, really help. Our pets will be ready to go to new homes faster (and we can help more animals) if we are able to send pets to this clinic. We need folks with a large, reliable vehicle who are available either early morning or late afternoon on either Mondays or Fridays. We will be visiting the spay/neuter clinic several times a month. If you are interested in this unique way to help animals, please give us a call at 413-548-9898.
Hurricane Katrina Rescue Journals (10/10/05)

Dakin Receives License Plate Grant (7/19/05)

The Dakin Animal Shelter was honored to receive a $5,000 grant from the Massachusetts Animal Friendly License Plate fund. This money will help provide spay/neuter surgery for indigent members of our community through the King Fund.
Get your own animal friendly license plate today! For more information about the King Fund and other low-cost spay/neuter options, please call us at 413-548-9898.
Piano Concert CDs For Sale (7/14/05)
Piano CD

Concert CD's for sale to benefit the Dakin Animal Shelter. Only $7.00! For order information, contact leslie@dakinshelter.org
Furniture for sale (5/18/05)
A generous donor wishes to sell a lovely dining room set and outdoor/indoor set and donate all of the proceeds to the Dakin Animal Shelter to use for these gentle and wonderful animals.

The dining room set: a rectangular, all glass table, 6' by 3' , with 2 arm chairs and 4 regular chairs. Modern. The other, used both outdoors and indoors, has a 48" round tempered glass top on a base that looks like white wicker but is much stronger. The 4 chairs also look like white wicker.

The asking price is $400 for the dining room set and $200 for the outdoor/indoor set. Since 100% of the proceeds will go to the Dakin Animal Shelter, please keep in mind that you'll not just be acquiring lovely furniture, but you'll be helping to save the lives of these innocent animals. Persons interested should contact Leslie at (413) 548-9898.

Lonely Hearts Club (posted 1/13/05)

Sometimes, we have pets at the Dakin Animal Shelter who get overlooked.

Maybe they're shy wallflowers. Maybe they're adult cats, when everybody's cooing over the kittens. Maybe they're special pets in search of a special family, who will be understanding of their individual personalities.

Some have had very difficult lives before coming to the Dakin Animal Shelter. They may have been abused, neglected, or abandoned.

They aren't usually the kind of pet who runs up to visitors and demands to be taken home - they're more likely to be the quiet one, resting quietly. Waiting for their chance with a new family, a new life.

If you are the kind of person who, above all, wants to help those in need - take a look at our Lonely Hearts Club members. They may not be the pet that everyone else is looking for; but perhaps they will be the love of YOUR life.

Adopt a Lonely Heart, and get 50% off our regular adoption fee. And, just maybe, you'll find your new love.

To see our Lonely Hearts awaiting adoption, visit our Cat Adoption Pages or Dog Adoption Pages. All our Lonely Hearts are marked with the LHC symbol.

Microchips are here! (posted 2/2/03)

On January 22, 2003 the Dakin Animal Shelter began implanting all Shelter pets with HomeAgain microchips. Microchips will allow our "graduates" who are lost to find their way back to their families throughout their lives. Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions about our microchipping program.

What is a microchip?
A microchip is a form of permanent identification. About the size of a grain of rice, it is injected under the skin over the pet's shoulder area.

Why is the Dakin Animal Shelter microchipping animals?
Many of the animals that come to the Shelter are stray. Without any identification, they are very unlikely to ever be reunited with their family. Nationally, only 2% of cats who are admitted to an animal shelter without ID tags are reunited with their family; odds for dogs are poor, too. Since animals frequently lose their collars/tags, a microchip ensures that you can be reunited with your pet should they become lost.

How does it work?
Each chip is encoded with a unique number and can only be read with a specially designed scanner. The scanner must be in contact with the pet to read the chip; unfortunately, the microchips do not work like LoJack - they cannot be used to track where your missing animal is. Your pet must be physically scanned to find the chip. When a chip is scanned in a stray pet, the finder calls HomeAgain's toll-free number which is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The HomeAgain operator gives the finder your name and contact information.

Who has microchip scanners?
Animal shelters, veterinarians, and some animal control officers. The Dakin Animal Shelter, Pioneer Valley Humane Society, and MSPCA scan all incoming animals to check for microchips.

What if someone finds my pet, but doesn't bring him/her to a shelter?
That's why all pets should wear ID tags at all times. This includes indoor-only cats since if they get outside, they have no idea where they are or how to find home again (they usually make at least one "great escape", frequently because they have been frightened by a repair person or worker coming in & out of the home, party, etc.). Having YOUR phone number on your pet allows anyone who finds your pet, to call you right away, day or night, weekend or holiday. Your pet's HomeAgain microchip comes with a tag that includes the microchip number, as well as the HomeAgain phone number. This allows anyone who finds your pet to call HomeAgain and find you, without having to scan the pet to find the microchip. Consider getting an engraved ID tag that says "Reward if found" on the tag; sometimes people will see pets with tags but not know that the pet is lost. For indoor-only cats, and dogs who don't run loose (and no dog should), having this on your pet's tag is good insurance. It may save you a lot of trouble should your pet become lost.

Do microchips really work?
YES! In December, the Dakin Animal Shelter scanned a cat that was brought in as a stray. She had a microchip (implanted by the MSPCA) and was reunited with her person after being missing for over 5 months! There are frequent news stories about pets reunited with their families after absences of months or even years. One Pomeranian, missing from Florida, was found in Illinois. On average, for each 25 microchips implanted, one pet will be reunited with their family.

I found a stray pet - how can I find out if it has a microchip?
You can either: call your veterinarian's office and ask to have the pet scanned, or call the shelter and we will be glad to scan it for you.

I adopted a pet from the Dakin Animal Shelter before you were microchipping, how can I protect my Dakin Shelter graduate from loss?
For any animal adopted from the Dakin Animal Shelter, you may call the Shelter for a microchipping appointment. We will provide microchipping and registration for a fee of $20. For any pets NOT adopted from the Dakin Animal Shelter, please contact your veterinarian - most veterinarians are offering microchipping to their clients.

Where can I find more information about HomeAgain microchips?
See the website,
www.homeagainid.com, for information about the microchips as well as lots of great pet news & information.

Remember, if your pet has a microchip, please contact the national database immediately if your contact information (home or work phone number, address) should change. If you move/change phone numbers and do not update your information, your lost pet may not be reunited with you. This must be done for the life of your pet - the microchip will still be there in 10 years and your information must stay current with the national database!

To contact the HomeAgain registry:
Call 1-866-738-4324
Online at www.homeagainid.com.

Questions about the animals or the shelter?
Please direct all inquiries to
or call (413) 548-9898

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