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DPVHS Operational Changes Take Place September 3, 2007

This first year of the merge between Dakin Animal Shelter and the Pioneer Valley Humane Society has provided the opportunity for both shelters to examine the way they conduct business, enhance their services, and implement best practices in the field of animal care and humane education. We believe the changes outlined below offer the best environment and services for the animals in our care while we work toward a much needed new facility for our communities.

Both organizations had a new facility as their immediate goal. This is still the primary goal of the new organization, DPVHS, and for the sake of effective planning it has been organized into three “phases:”

Phase I was the merger of the two organizations. Phase II, which begins September 3, is a necessary interim step while we lay the groundwork for Phase III, which consolidates all our operations in one site following the capital campaign needed to get us there.

The Greenfield shelter is now the Rescue and Rehabilitation Center where we offer the following services:

The Leverett shelter is now the Adoption Center and offers the following services:

The Greenfield Rescue and Rehabilitation Center will be open by appointment only. The Leverett Adoption Center will be open seven days a week. Detailed hours of operation

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